head chef

Victor Ghinea graduated from the Faculty of Law and the Culinary Institute of Escoffier's
Disciples, where he studied under the guidance of Chef David Contant and trained by the Radisson Blu’s chefs, where he continued to work for the next years.

He worked for several of Rome’s restaurants and bistros where he developed his culinary creativity and inventiveness without the trap of over complicated dishes.

For three years he has been developing his own business in the hospitality industry, on the Black
Sea coast, where he created a kitchen mounded by his own vision, that of healthy and surprising
fusion menus but also classic European dishes with a twist.

He strongly believes in honesty and positivism in the workplace, thus managing to develop his
ongoing projects.

Passionate about reinterpreting classic recipes, he enthusiastically conceives, along with the
multi-disciplinary Go Catering team creative menus to support their philosophy.
When he is not working in the kitchen or in the office, he assists the community in Alma Vii
(Sibiu), where he and his friends develop cultural and educational programs within his own organization Prodigium